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All prominent festivals like Gaura Pūrṇimā, Rāma-navamī, Nṛsiṃha-caturdaśī, Kṛṣṇa Janmāṣṭamī and Rādhāṣṭamī are being celebrated in ISKCON Pattamundai. In addition to these festivals there are two other festivals that are being celebrated for the pleasure of Rādhā-Mādhava: Candana-yātrā and Jhūlana-yātrā.

For three consecutive days during the yearly Candana-yātrā period, Rādhā-Mādhava are being invited for a boat trip. This boat trip takes place on a small lake that is part of the ISKCON Pattamundai compound. For this boat trip devotees beautifully decorate a wooden boat. To get an impression how this boat trip goes, please watch this video.

During the yearly Jhūlana-yātrā period Rādhā-Mādhava are placed on a decorated wooden swing. This festival takes place for five consecutive days. While devotees swing Their Lordships, ecstatic congregational chanting is performed. During this festival around 56 Odia style food preparations are being offered to Radha-Madhava making it a true feast! The video below gives an idea how Jhūlana-yātrā is celebrated in the temple.

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